The value series MinMoe multi-modal biometrics reader with multi-functional facial authentication and card pin code identification and authentication is ideal for SMBs and high-end residential applications. The versatile MinMoe provides access control, video intercom and video security capabilities in a single, sleek device. This reader securely stores up to 1,500 face algorithms and up to 3,000 card pin codes for highly secure multi-modal identity management and authentication. Registered users can utilize touchless facial authentication and/or an access card pin code to enter a building, while visitors can communicate with authorized staff using the intercom function. The MinMoe reader also supports intercom calling via mobile app, allowing security personnel to converse with guests and open doors remotely. Intercom audio is enhanced with echo and noise cancellation. For fast throughput, individuals’ faces can be detected at distances between 1 ft. and 4.9 ft. in only 0.2 seconds with an accuracy rating of ≥ 99 percent. When connected to Hikvision network recorders, the reader features a 2 MP camera which also allows it to function as a high-resolution video security camera for daily monitoring, time and attendance needs, and clip retrieval. Additional performance features include a 4.3-in. color LCD touchscreen, easy connection via an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi, an IP65 rated enclosure for use in harsh environments, and mask detection for health safety and compliance.    

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