EyeLock’s nano iXT iris recognition reader is the first product born from EyeLock’s strategic partnership with CMITech. EyeLock is also in the process of developing a thermal temperature sensor, which will be incorporated into the nano iXT and offered as an optional module. The nano iXT is fully interoperable with the current EyeLock product line, including the indoor nano NXT and outdoor nano EXT readers. Its features include a large LCD touchscreen, dual auto-tilt cameras (iris and face), audible and visual user guidance, built-in HID card reader and multi-language support. EyeLock’s identity technology provides convenience and security with biometric accuracy. EyeLock’s proprietary iris authentication technology looks at almost 500 unique characteristics from both eyes and provides an ultra-fast, user-friendly authentication experience. EyeLock’s iris technology has been embedded into other products and is suitable for use in many market segments including medical, banking, gaming and automotive.

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