The Nice Soon Pro is a versatile commercial door operator engineered to provide professional installers with an all-in-one control unit solution that is reliable, fast-to-install and contains in-demand features that optimize customer door operation — such as LED lighting and optional battery backup. Designed for sectional doors up to 16 ft. high with lighter duty cycles (up to 25 cycles per day), the operator features a compact design and convenient installation directly to the door shaft. Designed to fit where other commercial door operators cannot, the Nice Soon Pro is just 4.5 in. wide. The unique narrow design of the enclosure provides a compact footprint and makes it the ideal option for commercial door operation at installation sites with limited wall space. The operator is as user-friendly as it is installation friendly. In direct response to customer demand, a responsive three-button station (Open, Close, Stop) comes standard with each Nice Soon Pro commercial door operator. For precision control, each operator also features advanced technology that guarantees door positioning without mechanical limit switches and allows for gradual start and slowdown during door operation.   

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