Notification and security management platform provider 911inform announced the joint release of its Multifunctional LTE Gateway (The Gateway). The Gateway enables customers to connect premise-based 911 call handling software with the Avaya OneCloud UCaaS platform. The technology was developed to solve the inherent obstacles of police call handling solutions and to integrate with hosted cloud phone systems.

“Avaya has a long history of enabling customers to provide emergency services exactly when and where they’re needed to help transform how citizens engage with first responders by using cloud solutions,” said Brian Anderson, public safety Director, Avaya. “The 911inform development team was able to solve a long-known problem with public safety premise-based technology by connecting to the current telephony trend of cloud-hosted phone systems. The Special Projects Division of 911inform completed the work efficiently with a continued focus on customer needs.”

The Gateway is available as an appliance with integrated LTE for automatic connection redundancy and call preservation. In addition to providing a bridge between premise-based police call taking hardware and cloud hosted phone systems, the Gateway provides additional benefits including connecting hosted phone systems into existing call recording systems and fax servers. The solution is vendor agnostic and can be used for integration with any hosted phone system without the use of application programming interfaces or direct session initiation protocol trunk connectivity.

“The use cases for the Gateway are truly limitless in its applications,” said 911inform’s CEO, Ivo Allen. “We are currently expanding the feature sets and capabilities of the product to solve additional pain points in the public safety space.” 

The Gateway is available from Avaya distribution and business partners. For more information, visit