Security and system communications provider Alula has added enhanced features and updates to the Alula Smart Security App and AlulaConnect dealer portal to help streamline processes that help save time and money.

Mobile app users can now further customize their Alula app home screen to include selected cameras, security sensors and smart devices, based on individual preference. System users can mix the cameras and sensors they view most often, along with smart devices that are frequently used. Users may reorder things as they like to increase convenience and ease of use.  The company also updated AlulaConnect, Alula’s partner portal for system management, troubleshooting, usage reports and more, including the addition of an account creation wizard to streamline the new account creation process. Default account service features can now be set in a dealer’s profile, eliminating rework, reducing entry errors and saving time. Dealers can now export zone information (backyard, front door, shipping dock, etc.) and share it with their monitoring station for improved processing of system events and alarms.

For more information, visit Alula.