NAPCO Security Technologies’ technical support team, located at the company’s Amityville, N.Y. headquarters, is now integrated with its online tech support library to enable team members to handle inquiries on the full range of NAPCO products. The team is assisted by a full-featured interactive product knowledge database that summarizes prior calls and includes trainings completed and sales team notes for a 360-degree view. Service includes a new callback option for calls from the field, enabling the first available support team member to return customer calls on any number provided. 

NAPCO also added a new online “What’s New?” button for users to immediately access the latest tech documents. This feature offers a quick solution to help save time on any questions that may arise. And debuting in 2023 is a new customer self-service portal, providing security professionals with access to NAPCO’s active product technical knowledge base to directly answer questions.  

“We are constantly looking for ways to improve our customer experience,” said Dominic Macri, senior director of technical services. “The field experience of our Technical Support Specialists helps us to quickly diagnose and suggest remedies for the issues we’re presented with a very high first contact resolution rate. We’re committed to your success.”

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