Being able to access important video footage from anywhere anytime day or night had become a necessity for The Washing Well Laundromat in Jefferson, Iowa. The owners, Tech Zone, wanted to check on their location remotely to help them determine if the laundromat needed any attention such as cleaning, snow removal or general maintenance, while also providing security for both the owners’ and customers’ property.  

Tech Zone chose VIVOTEK and a total of five of its indoor and outdoor security solutions for a comprehensive end-to-end AI surveillance solution that integrates deep-learning-based network cameras with cloud video management software to solve The Washing Well’s security surveillance solution issues.

The owner installed three IT839-H 5MP interior/exterior turret cameras in the storeroom, inside the laundromat, and at the rear parking lot locations. Two FD-839EHTV interior/exterior remote focus dome cameras are used for the front parking lot and inside the laundromat.

The VSaaS features powerful AI video analysis technologies, upgraded real-time detection and post-hoc search functionality, state-of-the-art deep search algorithms to convert metadata into searchable and quantifiable information and refine people, vehicle and environment detection accuracy over time. In addition to real-time alerts, VORTEX can sieve through big data to identify or follow past events, and its hybrid cloud architecture allows for unlimited cloud archive, automatic backup, event management and instant sharing. All of these features are merged seamlessly to maximize operational efficiency and storage reliability while minimizing network interruptions and downtime.

According to Tech Zone, the VORTEX system and cameras were simple to install and integrate with a PoE network switch. It is easily operable from a computer or phone.