The IX Series kit is a preprogrammed box set complete with a video intercom system that is ready to install right out of the box. The IXS-HBDV includes a video door station, a video master station, PoE switch and a USB drive with instructions and videos on how to install the system. The kit is ideal for installers who have traditionally worked with plug-and-play analog-based systems and are now looking to become more familiar with IP systems. In addition to providing all the components required for a complete video intercom system, the IX Kit also includes a step-by-step guide including a USB drive that contains system configuration files and “how-to” videos that provide detailed installation instructions. Aiphone’s IX Series is the company’s most robust video intercom solution with more than 30 different components to choose, from SIP-compatible video master stations and IP video door stations with t-coil compatibility, to flush-mounted IP door stations and adaptors. 

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