The DL100 deadlatch extends real-time online access control to more openings using Aperio wireless technology. Ready for retrofit, renovation or any commercial project with an existing MS door prep, the DL100 combines electrified locking hardware with an access control system in standard aluminum-stile doors. The DL100 uses low energy motorized EcoLatch technology for silent operation and supports HID multiclass SE and NFC/BLE mobile access card technologies, easily interfacing with existing access control systems to extend real-time, cost-effective security to more openings. It offers real-time monitoring for DPS, tamper, REX, locked state and latch status and battery health. Additionally, it features universal compatibility with any existing MS door prep. It is battery operated, with no power transfers or wiring required. Designed to work with Adams Rite paddle and lever trim, it is suitable for interior or exterior openings and features low energy EcoLatch motorized actuator technology for ultra-quiet operation. It also features fully encrypted data transmission for enhanced security.

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