The EL-MLC54 Series MiniEnviro Light cameras from Electronic Line USA offer high-resolution output, easy mounting, fast installation and pleasing aesthetics at a low cost. Specifically targeting the key needs expressed by installers, EL-USA engineers designed the EL-MLC54 series with a dual-pivot mounting system and built-in mounting bracket; exterior lens adjustment that allows the installer to focus the camera without having to pen the outer housing; Sony CCD and Digital Signal Processor technology to provide high-resolution color images that will not diminish in variable lighting conditions; and a hidden wire channel to avoid hanging wires after mounting. EL-USA offers 2.5-6mm, 4-9mm, and 9-22mm lenses in the EL-MLC54 series, and created the series with an IP66-rated weatherproof enclosure. The full EL-MLC54 series includes six cameras: 2.5-6mm, 4-9mm, and 9-22mm lens cameras with 540 TV Line resolution; and 2.5-6mm, 4-9mm, and 9-22mm lens cameras with 380 TV lines of resolution. Each camera is 155 cm X 94 cm (lens to mount) and weighs less than one pound.Electronic Line USA

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