Leviton Integrated Networks has three new types of mounting brackets for its line of Structured Media Centers. The versatile, comprehensive line of mounting brackets enable installers to expand the capacity of Leviton 14”, 28” and 42” SMC enclosures to accommodate a greater number of Leviton modules, devices and components, as well as those available through other leading device manufacturers. Leviton’s New Plastic Mounting Brackets include: a Single Plastic Bracket for mounting a single Leviton phone, data, security or DSL Filter Expansion Board in the SMC, either to enhance an existing system or as a stand-alone solution for a single application; an Expansion Plastic Bracket which runs the width of the SMC and which can be populated with up to five phone, data, security or DSL Filter Expansion Boards for custom applications; and a Data Plastic Bracket featuring a universal design that accommodates installation of various manufacturers’ switches, routers and modems. Leviton Integrated Networks

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