Knight Security Center is offering a new dealer program that allows dealers to reclaim accounts if they choose.

“We’re encouraging dealers to hold onto their customers. They can sell some and let us borrow others. This way, they can have recurring revenue,” said Knight’s Christopher Baskin. “Dealers got into the business for recurring revenue. We’re trying to make it so dealers don’t have to start over everyday. We’re giving them what they got into the business for the first place.”

If the dealer chooses to take a smaller fee for accounts, those accounts can be returned in anywhere from 36 to 48 months.

Knight has been managing dealer programs since 1977, but Baskin said this program is unique for its “massive flexibility.

“We’re allowing dealers to use entirely their own identity. They can build their own brand; get their own recurring revenue. They’re also welcome to use our brand,” he said.

He said the greater flexibility will build stronger dealers. If dealers have their own business, with reccurring revenue to fall back on, they will bring more business to Knight in the long run, Baskin said.

The program offers a wide range of monitoring fees and programs with no hold, no charge-back and no replacement. He also named the high upfront multiple and no advance, no interest, no billing, no balloon payment, no reserve account, no personal guarantee and no debt as features in the program.

For more information, visit or call (800)222-2296.