Memoreyes, an outdoor video surveillance system developer, is looking for qualified integrators to participate in its national dealer program. The company will provide integrators with training that centers on its patent pending, Megapixel/HD–quality, pan-tilt-zoom camera system with machine learning. 

“Integrators are a key part of our business plan,” said Memoreyes Founder and CEO John Collings. “Our Entrance System (Model 100) and All Property System (Model 360) go far beyond traditional outdoor cameras and open up new opportunities for them to improve safety and deter criminal activity at multi-family housing, hospitals, campuses, office complexes, malls and retail outlets and offer an entirely new category of managed services.”

Thanks to this new technology, the Memoreyes system can quickly differentiate between authorized individuals and potentially hostile targets. Through machine learning (AI), it also intuitively anticipates potential risks and proactively responds to evolving situations using light, sound and voice messages. Over time the system learns the habits and trends associated with each camera within a specific setting, enabling it to quickly identify departures from the norm.

While the primary objective of the Memoreyes Outdoor Video Surveillance System is to deter crime, a second benefit is the documentation of data collected before, during and after an event has taken place. With its high definition video, law enforcement can rely on this data for arrest purposes and a conviction in court of law.

“We don’t rely on standard pixel-following methodology,” said Memoreyes Co-Founder and CTO David Tattersall. “Our sophisticated software is continually sampling the environment, analyzing visual and auditory inputs against known patterns. At the same time, we have adopted comprehensive privacy policies, which protects owners, property managers and residents alike.”

The complete system includes the entry/exit monitoring Entrance System that provides video of all oncoming, passing and departing vehicles. This includes clear and concise license plate reading, even at night or in bad weather.

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