MuxLab Inc. announces the industry’s first fully auto-image adjusting active CCTV twisted pair receiver hub for the CCTV security and surveillance market – the LongReach 16 Active CCTV Receiver Hub. The LongReach 16 is an extended-distance, 16-port, twisted-pair cabling solution that revolutionizes CCTV cabling by completely eliminating the need for manual sharpness and brightness controls on the hub. Traditionally CCTV hubs needed to be located near the DVR or mux in order to allow for periodic adjustment of the image quality on each camera port. The LongReach 16 eliminates this need and saves significant time and money during initial installation and eliminates the need for periodic on-site readjustment. Many installations have hundreds of cameras connected to CCTV hubs. The elimination of manual potentiometers transforms the installation into a plug-and-forget system. A typical manual receiver balun can take up to 3 to 5 min. to set the potentiometers to the optimum level. With the LongReach 16, all 16 camera ports are automatically optimized within seconds. The LongReach 16 supports up to 4,500 ft. from each camera to the DVR. MuxLab Inc.

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