Beacon Power, a new line of power management products, has been introduced by AlarmSaf. The new products are a related group of power supplies, simple and advanced power distribution modules, and a NAC module. All items are UL listed (NAC pending) individually and in any combination, allowing maximum flexibility in system specification. Fully compliant with NFPA 72 and 731 and listed to UL 294 and 1481 (UL 864 pending) they are designed to save money, materials and time for systems integrators by reducing the number of required power supplies and simplifying the wiring of systems integration components. Intended applications include fire and/or access system power, mag lock power and control, power for readers, request-to-exit devices, four-wire smoke detectors, door holders, smoke dampers and auxiliary devices. Single and dual voltage systems are available. AlarmSaf Inc.

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