The new ELMO X-Series of Application-Specific DVRs delivers real-time recordings with sharp, color-accurate images essential to effective surveillance and identification of intruders and perpetrators. There is a model tailored to almost every surveillance or monitoring need in banks, ATMs, supermarkets, casinos, small and large retail establishments, hospitals and industrial facilities. The extensive line of high-quality, competitively-priced DVRs ranges from the platform- and processor-independent, single-input ELMO EDR-X1 to the 16-input, 480 pictures/sec. (30 fps across 16 cameras) EDR-X 416 security server. Rack mount and compact versions are available depending on the model. All models are configurable, networkable and searchable. All offer simultaneous recording and playback, as well as digital watermark image authentication. There is a consistency in the remote software used throughout the line. Network viewing is available through provided software. The DVRs have RS-485 control for use with PTZ domes such as the ELMO PTC-200C, PTC-201C IP and other popular models. ELMO

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