Enterprise Fleet Services has offered members of the Security Network of America (SNA), St. Louis, a program to increase the efficiency of their fleet operations and save money on the purchase of fleet vehicles.

The Competitive Assistance Program (CAP) provides SNA members with incentives based on the organization’s volume of vehicle acquisition. SNA members receive discounts on eligible vehicles when bought in certain quantities, and the program benefits all SNA members, regardless of fleet size and purchase volume. The program works by monitoring the number of eligible vehicles purchased by any member of SNA. Therefore, members with small and large fleets will receive discounts based on the buying power of the entire organization.

Enterprise Fleet Services is a fleet management company for businesses with fleets between 15-125 vehicles. It supplies many makes of cars, light and medium duty trucks and service vehicles to businesses across the U.S. For more information, visit the company’s Web site at www.enterprise.com/fleets or call toll free (877) 23-FLEET.