Up to now, centrally managing multi-regional security networks has been a concept that has worked better on paper than in practice. With the release of its upgraded AMAG Global Edition software, AMAG Technology improves the cost-effective, secure centralized security systems management that numerous AMAG Global customers are enjoying today. AMAG’s Global Edition is designed for organizations with geographically dispersed facilities. Equipped with AMAG Global Edition, security executives can provide each site or region in their company with independent access control systems that can be monitored and managed centrally through a single cardholder database. Equipped with new security- and convenience-enhancing features like Global Access Code and Single Sign-On. The AMAG Global Edition access control system is infinitely scaleable to accommodate multi-region, multi-national organizations of any size. The AMAG Global Edition software provides customers with a bandwidth-conserving solution that provides the flexibility to partition and manage their access control network based on their unique requirements. AMAG Technology Inc.

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