Russound debuts its SMS3, a Smart Media Server. This innovative server stores and manages music and digital images, providing easy retrieval from virtually anywhere in the home. The SMS3 can intuitively supply three different sources of music simultaneously, making it ideal for use in a high-quality multi-source/multi-zone system. When used with a Russound CAV/UNO-S2 system, the artist, album, and song information is delivered directly to the user via the UNO display. SMS3 will be shipping this spring at a MAP of $2,499. The SMS3 Media Server comes with a CD-ROM drive, internal 160GB hard drive and an Ethernet connection that allows the user easy access to their music and digital media and to enjoy it conveniently throughout the home. Additionally, the on board CD ROM drive allows the server to be used as a CD player, whereby during play the server catalogs files automatically and at the conclusion of play, offers the listener the option of storing the session on the hard drive. This is a quick, convenient way for the listener to create an extensive collection of their favorite music. The SMS3 also features a composite video output with an innovative and attractive graphical user interface making the Russound Media Server easy to use, entertaining and informative. Russound

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