Criticom International, Frisco, Texas, a contract monitoring business, announced to their dealer base their intention to implement enhanced call verification (ECV) for customers.

“To help manage alarms more effectively and drive down the number of inadvertent alarms, it is critical that we do our part. We’re confident that this higher level of service is important to our dealer base and in line with the best monitoring practices in the industry,” said Robert Few, vice president, monitoring operations for the company.

ECV is a protocol in which alarm monitoring centers call customers to determine if a break-in has occurred on the premises. If the first call does not get through to the customer, a second is initiated, often to the customer’s cell phone. If a break-in is confirmed or no one is reached on the second call, the local police department is contacted with the information.

“ECV is a critical component of successful alarm management programs. Criticom’s decision to embrace ECV sets a great example for the industry, placing them on the cutting edge of best monitoring practices,” said Stan Martin, executive director of the Security Industry Alarm Coalition.