Panasonic Security Systems, Seacaucus, N.J., launched a new industry-wide initiative coined “Digital One.”

“Digital One is a progressive new approach to video security and surveillance systems operation that embodies both existing analog systems products and new digital IP based systems products,” said Frank Abram, vice president, Panasonic Security Systems.

“End users have significant investments in high performance analog-based systems and products that should last for years to come. With our Digital One initiative, we are aiming to provide this tremendous base of customers with a viable, cost-efficient means of upgrading their systems at their own pace.

“With the development of hybrid analog/digital systems products and interfaces, Panasonic offers the tools security professionals need to enhance existing analog systems with digital-based systems solutions. We believe this is an essential transitional phase that will expedite the creation of an industry-wide digital platform and the integration of video surveillance with related security systems,” Abram said.

For more information, call (866) PAN-CCTV, or visit security.