A new Business Roundtable CEO survey shows that America’s leading companies are better prepared to deal with threats, respond to a terrorist incident, and bounce back as quickly as possible. The survey shows that CEOs have devoted more attention and resources to security issues and that companies have taken action to address security challenges.

Key findings of the survey include:

Better Physical and IT Security–Nearly every company has increased physical security (99%) and strengthened cyber security (100%) since the 9/11 attacks.

CEOs are Personally Focused on Security– 87 percent of the CEOs are devoting more time and attention to security since the September 11 attacks.

Double Digit Increases in Security Spending – Companies have boosted spending on security by an average of nearly 10 percent since Sept. 11 – during a time when the economy was struggling – and 96 percent project that security spending in 2004 will go up or remain steady.

Making Security a Board-Level Issue– More than half of the companies (54%) said that security-related issues are part of the board’s regular corporate governance activities, and 81 percent of companies that raised security to a board-level issue did so in the past two years.