Matco Inc. announces the release of its new ZRQ-1404, 14-in. quad color monitor and 1280-hr. time-lapse VCR combination u nit. The unit consists of a 14-in. color CCTV monitor, quad processor and four-head,960-hr. time-lapse VCR. The ZRQ-1404 has 400 TV line resolution, and 15 options for recording and playback. It allows real-time recording and playback for 24 hr. with audio, time-lapse recording and playback for as long as 1,280 hr. in incremental units on regular 120-min. tape. In addition, the ZRQ-1404 has full screen, quad, PIP1 and POP2 display mode, repeat rec., timer rec. and alarm rec. with recording. It also has alarm, alarm scan, freeze functions and a zoom-in function in playback. Matco Inc.

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