Video Insight introduces the DVR60, DVR120 and DVR240, a DVR software application that is now available installed as a complete solution on Dell servers. One way Video Insight’s version 2.2 software differentiates itself from black-box DVRs is by utilizing Microsoft’s newest technologies, SQL Server & NET. This easy-to-use software features a familiar Microsoft Windows Interface and requires no training to operate. Simple navigation allows you to view servers from anywhere in your enterprise and select cameras from each of those servers across many locations. Version 2.2 has three components: The Server runs on a dedicated Windows 2000, XP or 2003 PC and has BNC connectors supporting up to 16 cameras. The Viewer runs on any Windows PC and allows the user to view live or recorded video from any server in your enterprise. The Web Client allows you to view live or recorded video from any browser. Video Insight Inc.

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