The NOTIFY-IP Mass Notification system from Notifier generates live, direct, global voice instructions for property and life-preserving actions via the Internet during a fire, security or other emergency. The system can page facility-wide, citywide, nationwide or worldwide to anything connected by IP. Each network IP connection is continuously monitored for system integrity and all command and voice messages are encrypted for security. Site connections are set up for either paging or monitoring with a gateway IP address for the destination of the voice messages. Paging zones are then created at the Notifier ONYXWorks or Network Control Stations PC. Multiple, unique zones can be created. To activate the system, the operator selects the desired paging location and activates the Start Paging button. Two key presses and speaking into a microphone sends a message. The system then displays a Detailed Events window to provide zone and speaker status from all nodes activated by the paging command. Message delivery and receipt are confirmed at each paging location.Notifier

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