ibridge_ISCiBridge Messenger® is a complementary iBridge Connected Home notification service for new and retrofit Gemini Systems accounts, allowing users to stay connected and in control of their alarm, video, temperature, lights and locks via their phones with text messages and video alerts. Broadband-, event-based SMS/MMS iBridge Messenger adds live VGA-quality, pre- and post-event video alerts to text messages and reminder notifications. This system allows consumers to watch events unfold, such as returning children, deliveries, pets, etc.

Users can select which events will trigger notifications and who will receive the notifications. They can also lock the system, arm the alarm, and receive notification when the gun cabinet or liquor cabinet is opened, or when children arrive home.

Because it is broadband-based rather than cellular/GSM, iBridge Messenger provides dealers’ accounts live video alert notifications (SMS and MMS) as well as VGA-quality video of the premises in 20FPS clips (and recordings). Users of iBridge Messenger could get a Pool Gate Open Alert SMS text message, followed by live video alert in which they see their selected triggered events unfold as they happen.

For information, visit www.napcosecurity.com