Two DX format miniature transmitters from Linear Corp. require no field configuration. For use in a range of nonsupervised, wireless remote control applications, the DXT-601 is a one-button, single-code model while the DXT-604 features four buttons and five codes. Each button sends a unique signal, while pressing the two large top buttons at once sends a fifth signal. Both transmitters are supplied with two long-life, 3-volt batteries and a two-part key ring. Each transmitter can be programmed into any channel of the desired DX digital receiver. Once the radio controls are set up, transmitters can signal and trigger receiver activation when their buttons are pressed for a minimum of two seconds and a maximum of 10 seconds. Compatible receivers include the one-channel DXR-701 and the two-channel DXR-702 receivers and the DVS-1200, DVS-2400, Dual 824 and PERS-2400 consoles.Linear Corp.

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