The 1⁄3 20-100mm f1.6 aspherical vari-focal lens from Tamron USA Inc. covers the telephoto range normally the province of zooms as an efficient alternative in both cost and size. Security systems distributors, installers and end users often use motorized zoom lenses to reach the target, or use shorter-focal-length lenses mounted on poles, requiring greater installation costs for trenching and wiring, less convenient maintenance and susceptibility to vibration. The vari-focal lens eliminates such problems, allowing the camera to be mounted on a distant building wall or roof, achieving greater stability and easier maintenance and adjustment. It also need not be concealed in sensitive applications. It covers an angle of 13.6 deg. x 10.2 deg. at the 20mm setting and 2.8 deg. x 2.1 deg. at the 100mm setting, roughly equivalent to a 5-ft. area at 100 ft. on a 1⁄3-in. CCD.Tamron USA Inc.

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