Built-in 10-bit digital fiber-optic transmitters have been added to Infinova’s SuperDome series indoor and outdoor analog PTZ dome cameras. The multimode version offers a 13dB optical budget, while the single-mode version offers a 23dB optical budget. PTZ data is transmitted to the dome while video is transmitted back. The video and data are available at the receiver via a BNC and 3 terminal connector. Standard protocol is Infinova with other RS485 Protocols available. Output from the dome camera is via ST or FC connector. SuperDomes offer 480 TVL, high-resolution color imaging with digital signal processing (DSP), multiple protocols for wide compatibility, day/night option and choice of 18 X 12, 22 X 12, 23 X 12 and 26 X 12, optical and digital zoom combinations.Infinova

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