Panasonic System Networks Company of America’s line of analog video cameras with Super Dynamic 6 technology includes the WV-CS580 and WV-CW590 series cameras. The cameras deliver wider dynamic range compared with conventional cameras and expanded capabilities such as scene-change detection, lens distortion compensation, auto-image stabilizer and intelligent resolution, according to the company. The WV-CS580 series of day/night dome cameras provides all-in-one 24-hr. surveillance and feature 36X zoom and Super Dynamic 6 technology to deliver wide-range, 650 TV-line resolution and high sensitivity with the day/night function. Light sensitivity is 0.5 lux (color), and an infrared (IR) cut filter enhances sensitivity in the black-and-white mode to 0.04 lux. Scene change detection triggers an alarm when the camera’s lens is covered, spray-painted, removed or defocused. Auto tracking enables the camera to follow the largest movement in an image automatically.

Panasonic System Networks Company of America

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