The First Line of Defense Award, co-sponsored by the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association and SDM Magazine, was presented to American Alarm & Communications Inc., of Arlington, Mass. Wells Sampson, vice president (front, right), accepted the award from NBFAA and SDM on behalf of the American Alarm team responsible for the award (pictured here). SDM Staff

On Wednesday morning during the ISC West 2006 industry summit and keynote breakfast, the NBFAA and SDM presented the First Line of Defense Award to American Alarm & Communications Inc., of Arlington, Mass. Throughout the year, NBFAA member companies are encouraged to submit stories of how their company’s electronic security systems helped save a life, avert property damage, or prevent a crime. American Alarm was awarded for saving the lives of their customers, John Dunton and Carol McKeen. The homeowners contacted American Alarm to have a burglar alarm system installed, but it was an added carbon monoxide (CO) detection system that saved their lives.

“It was the suggestion of a determined salesman that saved the lives of John and Carol,” said NBFAA executive director Merlin Guilbeau. “American Alarm is a prime example of how an industry professional’s belief in the products and services he/she sells can have a profound and eternal effect on people’s lives.”

American Alarm’s vice president Wells Sampson said that often when people are considering having a monitored alarm system installed they don’t feel that a carbon monoxide detector is a necessary investment. “For whatever reason, they feel that this danger doesn’t apply to them,” he said. “And in some cases, cost may be a deterrent factor, but in all cases, saving a life is priceless.”

American Alarm was selected from a number of entries and invited to receive their award with a free trip to Las Vegas during ISC West. The winning story is featured in SDM’s March 2006 issue on p. 70, online at (key word search under “Saving Customers”), and in NBFAA’s quarterly magazine, Newsline.