When David Smothers got started in the security and life safety field 12 years ago, he just fell in love with it. “It was like one big Radio Shack-land,” he said. “Everything made sense.”

Smothers, the president ofElectritec Consulting Inc., Greenville, Tenn., provides design and consulting services to fire and life safety companies, architects, developers and end-users throughout the United States.

Along with experience and love for the industry, he also holds NICET Level IV certification in Fire Alarm Design. “My background — Nicet 4 — tells people that I know the systems, I know their applications. I’ve done everything from simple water flow systems to high-rises. I couldn’t actually count all the systems I’ve done.”

Three years ago he started working on Target stores for contractors, and Target started referring him to others, he maintained. His business spread through word-of-mouth until he realized he should do this full-time. In February 2005, he left his job as an engineering manager to open his own business.

His turn-around time is about five business days, and project complexity doesn’t intimidate him. Though he has worked on smaller offices, Smothers primarily works on larger projects, such as retail and warehouse applications. Of the 30 to 40 Target stores he’s worked on, he said the two-story ones were the most fun. “I like the stuff that’s a little more challenging,” Smothers said. “It keeps you fresh.”

For more information, visit www.electritec-engineers.com or call (909) 322-8162.