ADI, Melville, N.Y., will join forces with DYMO Industrial, creator of the RhinoPro series line, to offer the RhinoPro 3000 and RhinoPro 5000.

With the RhinoPro 3000 and RhinoPro 5000, customers gain new features, including hot keys to format labels for wires and cables, smear-proof thermal printing, and a large backlit display. The RhinoPro 3000 and RhinoPro5000 will make future repairs and upgrades easier, saving time and money by simplifying the troubleshooting process. Both portable label printers are easy to use, inexpensive, and durable enough to withstand rigors in the field and produce labels that stay stuck in adverse conditions.

“Consumers today rely more heavily on electronic systems than ever before,” said Doug Waldal, global director of the DYMO Industrial business unit. “Our research indicated that most residential installers simply don’t label or use a pen and tape to identify wires, cables, and components. Our goal was to give users tools that would allow them to economically create labels that would make their jobs look more professional, enabling them to differentiate their work from the competition.”

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