The Pro-Watch Airport Pack is an enhanced version of Honeywell’s Pro-Watch security management system that features upgraded badging and additional interface capabilities specifically suited to airports and seaports. Pro-Watch Airport Pack is currently used at key metropolitan airports in Philadelphia, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Houston and Minneapolis. Pro-Watch Airport Pack offers enhanced badging features related to managing airport-specific requirements such as Secure Identification Display Area (SIDA) testing and management and violation revenue management. The system also handles vehicle permit control, driver registration and electronic signature verification, and allows the operator to customize screens to develop site-specific fields and data capture capabilities. In addition, Pro-Watch Airport Pack offers smart card enrollment and management capabilities that write and encrypt information to DESFire smart cards, which allows airports to manage their own smart card platform and comply with TWIC/FIPS 201 regulations. Pro-Watch Airport Pack manages and writes biometric templates that ultimately can be downloaded to a smart card credential and stored in the Pro-Watch database as part of the badging process.

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