Founded in 2000,ioimage, recently ventured into the U.S. market by opening a headquarters in Denton, Texas. The company offers intelligent video encoders and video analytics solutions.

The company's products are designed for both mid- and high-end installations including ports, museums, factories and borders. The company packages its entire video analytics solution into a single, stand-alone, hardware-based appliance. The system is built on simplicity, is meant to take minutes to set up and is compatible with existing surveillance systems.

For more information about ioimage in the U.S., visitwww.ioimage.comor call (877) 383-2913.

Virageis a wholly owned subsidiary of Autonomy Corp., makers of enterprise infrastructure software. Virage, San Francisco, specializes in intelligent video analytics and automated monitoring solutions for the security, surveillance and safety markets. The company works with large systems integrators, enterprise customers and government agencies.

“On smaller projects we tend to use distributors, but generally we use specialized systems integrators and partners,” said David Humphrey, managing director of Virage Security and Surveillance.

The security and surveillance side of Virage was originally called Neurodynamics, but the name was changed after it was purchased by Autonomy, said Humphrey.

One of Virage’s offerings, its Command and Control Suite, can recognize the size and colors of objects in a crowded subway station.

Virage’s solutions are capable of: object tracking and scene analysis; counting and behavioral analysis; license plate recognition; container surveillance and management; electronic point of sale monitoring; digital/network video recording and transmission; and video forensic analysis.

The company is currently looking to increase its systems integrations partners in the U.S. market. For more information about the company,