AES-IntelliNet, Peabody, Ma., announced a contract award with Guardian Alarm Co. of Michigan. Guardian Alarm monitors alarms for more than 80,000 customers in Michigan, Ohio, Florida and Ontario, Canada. AES-IntelliNet can be used as an alternative to change out the estimated one million analog cellular radios currently used to communicate alarm signals. Since the FCC announced the February 2008 deadline for AMPS Sunset Clause, Douglas Pierce, CEO of Guardian Alarm, decided to begin changing out all the company’s analog mobile phone service sites. In choosing between the AES-IntelliNet mesh radio network and others, Pierce was swayed by the benefit of no longer having to pay a monthly fee for alarm communications services. According to Pierce, “The two-way wireless communication is scalable and adapts to any environment. This type of reliability keeps our customers safe and that is our number one priority.” Visitwww.aes-intellinet.comfor more information.