SDM’s special February issue supplement, Technicians’ Field Guide  to DVRs & NVRs was written for security professionals who design, install,  program and service digital video recorders and network video recorders as  part of a video surveillance system. The guide is filled with technology know-how  from SDM’s technical experts. This unique, textbook-style guide provides  aTechnology  Overview - explaining how DVRs and NVRs  work, their basic functions and appropriate applications for each. It explains  both architecture and utility, specifically addressing installing professionals  such as security dealers and systems integrators.

A special section in the Field Guide,Performance Criteria,provides  a context for helping readers make an informed buying decision. It explains  what features are important to consider when evaluating different products  from different manufacturers. Another section,Expert Tips, addresses  questions from senior-level technicians about proficient design and installation,  as well as how-to tips for more effective projects.Facts & Fictionsorts  out the truths from the non-truths about DVRs and NVRs, explaining what functions  can and can’t be accomplished using these products. A popular department,20  Questions about DVRs & NVRs,is a multiple-choice quiz for technicians,  which can help supervisors gauge their skill level, as well as train new technicians  and salespeople.

This guide is for technicians in the security and systems integration industries,  and it is designed to provide information and advice that will help educate  and enhance their skills. We hope you enjoy it! Please let us know how we can  improve the Technicians’ Field Guide in the future by contacting the  editor atstepanekl@bnpmedia.comor call (630) 694-4027. — Laura Stepanek,  Editor