The ILF-100 is the Internet equivalent of a telephone line fault monitor. It works with cable or DSL connections, detecting an interruption in the broadband Internet connection for customers using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service for their alarm reports. If the Internet connection is lost, the ILF-100 will trigger a relay output that can be used to switch over any burglar/fire alarm transmissions to a back-up communicator. In addition, the ILF-100 will send an e-mail when the connection is restored. The IP Address Monitor e-mails to a programmable address if a monitored IP address is changed, making it useful for monitoring remote internet devices such as security cameras. It monitors up to five Web servers and notifies the user if they go down. It can monitor a user input for any high or low state changes and notify the user by e-mail or text message. This can be used to monitor a freezer alarm or basement water alarm.

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