Audiovisual installer/integrators looking to capture business from executives, teachers, churchgoers and others can choose the AMP-31C6, a three-input, ceiling amplifier speaker package designed to work with AV equipment such as computers, projectors and microphones released by OWI Inc. The unit has a built-in amplifier that powers and controls up to three other non-amplified speakers. The three inputs each handle a microphone or line level signals with their own individual control. This eliminates the need for costly amplifiers for the other speakers and enriches multimedia environments, allowing the mixing of three sound sources such as a presenter’s voice, musical soundtrack and video sound. Old-style amps can be completely eliminated with the use of any projection unit that has a variable audio output. The lightweight, self-amplifying speakers fit directly onto ceiling tiles and provide up to 25 watts of Class AB power to the speaker. A 15-volt power supply is included, and the amplifier is protected against shorts and overheating.

OWI Inc.
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