The Wide-Area Emergency Broadcast System (WEBS) by Talk-A-Phone integrates the company’s emergency/information phone and wide-area broadcast capabilities into a single emergency/information communication system, ideal for large campuses, open space programs, mass transit and light rail applications. The tower features concealed high-powered speakers that provide 360-degree coverage for locally and remotely transmitted broadcasts. With the system’s Zone Paging System, officials can broadcast remotely via an attendant phone and also broadcast to towers individually, in selected groups or all at once. The tower’s phone line-powered emergency/information phone automatically activates the attention-getting blue light/strobe mounted atop the tower whenever an emergency call is placed and quickly connects users to emergency/information assistance. The tower stands 10 1/6-foot, weighs 435 pounds and can be customized to feature CCTV and a variety of lettering, signage and colors.

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