Arteco, St. Louis, a provider of intelligent video solution (IVS) products, entered into an agreement with Kerala State Electronic Development Corp. (Keltron) to market its product line in the Indian market.

“…We are delighted by the opportunity to introduce our technology in the Indian market with this partnership with Keltron,” said Giorgio Bucci, president of Arteco Vision Systems. “Our products are brought to market through a select group of integrators who share our same vision: to make Intelligent Video the new standard in video surveillance.”

Arteco’s IVS system is made of a combination of intelligent surveillance products that work together to create a proactive security solution for any size business or organization. The system uses a proprietary algorithm to identify abnormalities within a digital image such as movement within a controlled space. The use of these analytics allows the system to count and recognize objects, people and situations and alert security personnel to take action and pre-empt potential situations. For more information,