To secure the perimeter at an electric utility yard, the integrator installed Gallagher Security Management Systems’ PowerFence system. The solution features a 4-zone system, with wall-top kits used to secure a high block wall, and gate switches to secure the gates. It was also integrated with a security alarm system for monitoring the fence zones.

The PowerFence system, from Gallagher Security Management Systems, is installed in many urban areas to secure a range of different sites throughout the United States. One of many success stories for the non-lethal electric PowerFence system is the installation at Royal Electric corporate headquarters in Sacramento, Calif.

Plagued with break-ins and thefts, the Royal Electric Facility Yard and Maintenance Area in Sacramento urgently needed upgraded perimeter security to protect the equipment, vehicles and other assets in the yard. A major electrical contractor based in Sacramento, chosen to install the PowerFence system, custom designed the solution, enabling multi-zoning, integration options and perimeter management control.

The total site comprised of 2,375 feet of perimeter fence that included two separate sections of block wall and three 20-foot double swing gates. The contractor designed a solution utilizing a PowerFence Trophy 6 controller for a 4-zone system, with wall top kits used to secure the high block wall, and used PowerFence gate switches to secure their gates. The PowerFence system was also integrated with a security alarm system for monitoring the fence zones.

The PowerFence solution was a very successful project for both parties. The unique, tailored design of the system resulted in thefts and burglaries being reduced to nil. A major benefit for Royal Electric was that the PowerFence system was mounted directly onto their existing chain link fence. Frank Vellutini, president/CEO of Royal Electric said that “he loves his PowerFence and is very pleased with the system.”

From the contractor’s point of view the installation went very well, and once the project was started there were only a few minor changes.

This success story continues as the installer and Royal Electric have joined forces again to secure a new facility currently under construction.

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