Brivo Systems, a provider of Web applications for access control and security systems, completed a new addition to its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) access control solution: an integrated, online video recorder (OVR) that streams IP video from customer locations to a secure Web hosting facility. OVR WebService was launched at ISC West last month.

“OVR WebService is the first and only fully integrated, online access control plus video service,” explained Steven Van Till, Brivo president and CEO. “It adds built-in, hosted IP video functionality to Brivo’s award-winning ACS WebService hosted access control at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated DVR.”

Developed in partnership with Axis Communications, the new video service requires only an Axis network camera to be located at the customer site. From Brivo’s ACS WebService application, customers can then remotely view live and event-tagged video using a standard Web browser.

“The ease of installation as well as Brivo’s hosting will make network camera surveillance systems very cost efficient for smaller enterprises and provide a great recurring revenue opportunity for dealers and central stations,” said Fredrik Nilsson, general manager of Axis Communications.

Cameras used in the OVR offering “phone home” with no on-site network provisioning necessary, thereby reducing the labor and skill requirements for installation. This approach also makes video accessible anywhere on the Internet without making changes to local firewall policies. “This is a huge plus for our customers’ IT departments, because they’re understandably reluctant to punch holes in their firewalls to permit external access,” said Van Till. “We cut out many hours of labor and eliminate the most failure-prone components of any video installation.”

Brivo’s second partner in the product launch, Dell Inc., worked as part of the infrastructure design team. Dell provided the server and storage engineering skills required to meet Brivo’s performance requirements and brought in its own technology partners as needed.

The OVR service allows customers to add cameras at a very reasonable price, bringing the option of video to organizations that might otherwise not be able to afford it. Like the Brivo ACS WebService, OVR is perfect for securing widely dispersed assets. While OVR supports up to four cameras per typical broadband connection, it can support thousands of cameras at hundreds of sites across an enterprise, regardless of their location.

The new service is available on a subscription basis through authorized Brivo dealers. For information contact Brivo toll–free at (866) 692-7486, option 1, or e-mail To view a demo, visit the link below.