ICx Technologies Inc., Arlington, Va., a developer of sensor technologies for homeland security, force protection and commercial applications, was recently awarded a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) contract to participate in a FY2010 mass transit security pilot program. The focus of the deployment is to test new sensors that can rapidly detect and identify the potential release of a bio-threat agent as part of the DHS S&T Detect-to-Protect (D2P) Project. 
As part of the pilot program, ICx will provide IBAC™ real-time biological aerosol threat monitors and additional advanced prototype sensor hardware. The IBAC is a continuously operating indoor or outdoor monitor that provides early warning of an airborne biological agent attack. It facilitates the process of identifying bio-terror agents to allow timely containment, treatment and remediation.
The D2P Project is focused on developing rapid biological detection technologies and sensor network architectures for indoor environments. For the pilot deployment, which is anticipated to begin in early 2010, a network of rapid response bio-detectors will be evaluated in a mass transit system.
"We are enthusiastic about the opportunity to further display the capabilities of our bio-threat detection technologies," said Wayne Bryden, chief science officer for ICx Technologies. “We look forward to demonstrating the performance of the IBAC and other biological threat sensors in a mass transit facility."
Specifics pertaining to the exact transit system locations and the value of the contract are not being released.  For information visit www.icxt.com.