SDM has been told that G4S Wackenhut goes "live" this month with a new state-of the-art remote security monitoring and data center in the United States. Based outside of Boston, the G4S Security Monitoring Data Center (SMDC) surpasses the capabilities of traditional central station alarm monitoring by providing advanced features like virtual video guard tours and remote access control systems.

According to Jerry Cordasco, Vice President of Operations for the G4S Security Monitoring Data Center, this facility is a fusion of manned security and technology. The center contains the security industry's most intelligent video and streaming audio over IP technology which interfaces seamlessly with analytic software systems and manned security. The center's innovative offerings, like remote video surveillance of buildings, property and people, as well as virtual video guard tours and remote audio/video chaperoning of employees, will increase efficiency, limit risks and reduce costs for G4S Wackenhut clients.

The center provides other remote hosted services to customers, such as incident, visitor and gate management, access control system monitoring, as well as the typical central station alarm monitoring. In addition, the center can store and retrieve customer data allowing for on-demand video playback and event analysis. The center's web portal provides customers with instant access to detailed reports and video clips as well as advanced functionality like video content analysis, video alarm response and behavior recognition algorithms.