2010 marks the 40th Anniversary ofSDM, and we are celebrating! SDM, whose formal name wasSecurity Distributing & Marketing, was a start-up by Los Angeles-based Security World Publishing. SDM’s first editor, Walter Matthews, wrote in the inaugural edition,

“Magazines are usually born when a need for them exists, and they die when they are no longer needed. How successful they are between birth and death depends entirely upon how well they fill that need.”

The first edition of SDMin January 1971 was 32 pages in length, but included advertisements from 32 companies – indeed demonstrating that security was on the verge of becoming a full-fledged industry – and there was a need to be met.

For the last 40 years,SDMhas been growing, expanding its reach to ever more effectively meet the needs of the industry as the security industry channel has embraced new technologies and installing companies including dealers, commercial and home integrators, distributors, VARs, BISCI organizations, manufacturer’s representatives and consultants.

Throughout the year, we'll be celebrating howSDMhas met the needs of the industry. We’ll be adding new material and digging into the archives to look back at the articles, news stories, people, products, photos,SDMcovers and changes in the industry that have graced the pages ofSDM. Check back regularly to learn more about the rich history ofSDMmagazine and to give us your thoughts and participate in activities such as voting for your favorite cover from across the decades.

Thank you for 40 unforgettable years.