Ridgefield Park, N.J.-based DVTel Inc. today announced that it is acquiring ioimage, a leader in intelligent video appliances. The acquisition of ioimage is central to DVTel’s on-going strategy to innovate end-to-end, IP-based physical security solutions.

During the past 18 months, DVTel has seen a significant increase in the number of third-party analytics solutions integrated with its enterprise level systems. By adding the ioimage product portfolio to its list of IP-based offerings, the company is providing end users the ability to purchase in-demand products from one source. 
Founded in 2000, ioimage uses edge and centralized DSP-based devices for real-time detection, alert, and tracking of intruders, vehicles and other threats. The integration of ioimage intelligent edge devices into DVTel’s iSOC platform, offering video, audio, access control and alarm management over IP networks, will enable the company to provide solutions to the growing demands of enterprise customers.