DVTel Inc., Ridgefield Park, N.J., is kicking off its 2010 Roadshow, which will introduce DVTel’s newest line of IP cameras and the integrated ioimage intelligent analytics to value added resellers, end users and the architecture and engineering communities. Highlights of the event, provided by DVTel, include sessions on:

  • How DVTel saves 50 hours in installation labor with the new line of Altitude IP Cameras.
  • How intelligent analytics make our lives safer and solutions more effective.
  • The difference between HD and Megapixel Cameras.
  • The difference between cameras only and camera systems.

Each session will be around three hours in length with a combination of presentations, demonstrations, Q&A, and lunch.

The 2010 DVTel Roadshow schedule:

  • The Meadowlands, N.J., Tuesday, June 22
  • Rochester, N.Y., Thursday, June 24
  • Washington, D.C., Monday, June 28
  • Chicago, Ill., Wednesday, June 30

For information, visit www.dvtel.com