Smarter Security Systems announced that a Fortune® 500 IT Services company recently deployed Fastlane Door Detectives as part of the physical security for several of its Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facilities (SCIFs). Success with initial installations has the customer considering replicating the protection at additional SCIFs.

The customer ordered eight Door Detectives to protect four SCIFs enclosed within buildings on the East Coast. In the hallway approaching the SCIF, two Door Detectives are mounted several feet in front of the door to the SCIF, thereby extending the perimeter, as required under the Director of Central Intelligence Directive (DCID) 6/9. Door Detective alarms any unauthorized approach to the SCIF, providing early warning of an intrusion and allowing additional time for security to respond.

“We are seeing increasing orders for Door Detective as more organizations recognize the need for tailgate detection to protect open doors,” said Jeff Brown, president of Smarter Security Systems. “This customer is using Door Detective in a hallway, which is a good example of the product being used where there is no door, but tightly controlled access is still desirable. We are pleased to be selected as part of the overall security solution for highly secure, classified operations, and believe this speaks to the premium nature and reliability of Door Detective.”

Door Detective features microprocessors programmed with neural network software. Infrared beams from enclosures mounted on each side of the doorway or hall monitor how many people pass through the access-controlled portal. Door Detective forces authorization for every person and can initiate additional security measures upon alarm such as locking adjacent doors, sounding remote alarms, or triggering cameras.