The iPhone is one device that can be used for mobile security interaction. In this case, with Honeywell’s Total Connect, dealers can offer customers event-triggered video based on motion detection and temperature change, for example.

Consumer habits and technology trends have already dictated the demand for the next generation of security systems. The BlackBerry™, iPhone, Android and other smart phones now serve as the main devices for “on-the-go” security interaction. As a result, the intrusion landscape is now populated with even more remote system control offerings, particularly video.

Even though IP video is a hot topic in the industry today, most still seem to think video is suited only for large, commercial environments. Advances in event-triggered video, however, have made the technology even more ideal for remote residential and small commercial uses. For example, with up to six wireless IP cameras that can tilt, pan and have close to 360 degrees of viewing area, Honeywell’s Total Connect video services keeps home or business owners in-the-know for things such as temperature change, water dangers and smoke and carbon monoxide detection.

New remote video technology such as Total Connect includes motion detection analytics with the cameras, which enable the system to send event-driven video alerts to the mobile devices. Trigger events include movement in a restricted area, an environmental sensor detecting water in a basement, etc. Once users access the video from their devices, users can remotely pan and tilt the cameras and record events using a Web-enabled gadget, as well as view live streaming video. To ensure maximum efficiency, though, it is important that dealers make sure these cameras have easy plug-in capabilities.

The true monitoring role is still filled by central monitoring stations that coordinate with first responders during emergencies. However, with the right functionality in place, the use of a remote video system control can help businesses and homeowners simplify the security management process and make security easier and more user-friendly.

Contributed by Honeywell Security & Communications